FTP Access

Ftp access is at:


To access the FTP at GeometricMold.com you can use a FTP client like Filezilla client which can be downloaded from the link:


(just click and follow instructions to install). This is a recommended solution. If you use Filezilla the login type is Normal (where you supply username and password. Port is 21.

If you wish to access the site using a browser, then the instructions are different
for each browser.

Click on link: ftp://geometricmold.com

For Internet Explorer, then follow instructions / recommendations.

For Firefox you must add extension FireFtp at  https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/fireftp/

This also is a recommended solution.

Chrome does not seem as easy to use for FTP as the other browsers.

The correct site address is : ftp://geometricmold.com
The user name is the assigned name you were given with @geometricmold.com added on.
The password is your assigned password.